Wednesday, April 4, 2012
This is a list of best 10 ethiopian websites for 2012 in different categories. Lets get to it then.
At the time of writing this post, this website has around 11,000 active members. This website is a social networking website that allows users to create and edit their profile, comment on blog posts, create groups or join groups, become friends of other members and many more. There are useful pages in this website for scholarships, sports and the famous ethiopian tv series, sew le sew.
Mostly known as a website to look for job, but is much more than just an online job website. It has classified ads, news, tenders and many more.
The famous website to search for a job online.
This is an Ethiopian video websites which has a dedicated page ETV, sew le sew drama, Gemena drama. It also comprises of the latest ethiopian music videos, mezmur (spiritual songs) and other useful videos.
The most famous video website which pretty much has everything. - Scholarships and professionals network  - Dating Website - Adult Dating (might want to check it out when your kids are gone, it has explicit pictures and other adult content) - Business  - Music

Honorable mentions -,,,


Birhanu said...

You forgot the most important ones, and

Kidane said...

The guy added both of them, Number 2 and 3.

Birhanu said...

Sorry, but i didn't see them. But how do you know he is a guy, can't it be a cute chick behind the computer?

Melat said...

Yes, it could be. why you boys always think only boys can do things like this. can't it be a chick writing this things?

Kidane said...

You are fast, i thought birhanu's post was fast when he posted after a minute of my post. I guess all three of us are online. Would be good if there was a chat on the website.
Melat - offcourse girls can do it. It was just a figure of speech. its something that people say. I don't mean only boys, ok?

Anonymous said...

You include your and your friends websites, shame on you only

Anonymous said...

how about Nazret , Bolepark, cyberethiopia etc

Ethio 24/7 said...

Nazret and cyberethiopia don't work in ethiopia. Bolepark is new.


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