Friday, April 27, 2012
For those of you who haven't traveled in the bole road lately, thank god you didn't. The bole to meskel square road construction is underway and we are seeing some heavy digging around dembel and shewa dabo (olompiya) area. It makes you wonder if it's actually
a road construction. In most of the places, the ground was dug a meter deep, but in dembel to shewa dabo area, it is at least 6 meters long. The lane going from meskel square to bole is the one that has been dug that deep. The lane from bole to meskel square, has just been started and traffic has been routed onto the side walks. Most people believe that the road will not have a traffic light between dembel and shewa dabo, and that the cars traveling between bole and meskel square will use the lower road which is being dug right  now. People are speculating that the road will be 3 level road around dembel, with the lower going from bole to meskel square or vice versa, the medium one going from meskel flower to bamis (through olompia) and the upper one will be the one connecting cars which are going from bole to bambis or meskel flower and from meskel square to bambis or meskel flower.
Some are suggesting that the full length of the road will be a double deck road ( 2 levels ). But i doubt that  because that would require lots and lots of money, almost bigger than hour Renaissance dam.
Usually, the traffic is horrible, you might get stuck for 45 mintues in the same spot. Besides, you only use one lane starting from Japan area (Awash or novis or saay) upto bole bridge.
But all in all, im sure it would be a great achievement for our government and for all Ethiopian people and i hope we get to drive our cars (or walk on the sidewalk) very soon. Till then, we have to bite our lips and stay calm whenever we get frustrated by the current traffic conditions, we've all got to make sacrifices to a better addis ababa, a better Ethiopia.



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